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Hi, my name is Tabitha Gallman and I am currently an empty nester working part time as a helper for the blind.  

I have provided website and logo design for entrepreneurs and organizations through my web design business, Designs By Tabitha, since 2004. I have a background in accounting and administration, but after the birth of my second child my life changed course. I became self-taught in computer graphics and web design and began volunteering to do web design for my church. Soon after, other churches and non-profit organizations approached me for assistance with web design. As my relationships and referrals began to grow I decided to launch my business. I recognized that other entrepreneurs and non-profits needed an affordable, yet reliable way to market their message in an evolving technical world. I knew that in order to be successful I had to help others be successful. Little did I realize the toll this all had upon my family.

I finally came to my crossroad and recognized the two paths that lay ahead of me.  One path would lead to more referrals, more work (which ultimately meant less revenue per hour since my rates were always "affordable"), and more stress.  The other path would take me away from all that and full circle back to my family and doing what I love to do.  I love to create and share just the way my creator intended from the beginning.

I consider my time very valuable, so I use more discretion (and mostly prayers) when deciding what projects to work on. If I do take on a web design project, it is mostly in a consulting type role with little time spent on the computer.  

I consider myself very fortunate to have such a loving and supportive husband of more than 29 years, and blessed to have two wonderful children that motivate and inpsire me to stay on the path less traveled.

If you have a need for marketing contact me and I will be happy to discuss your project.

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